Mad About Maggie Sottero

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
by Ashley Kiser

Mad About Maggie Sottero


   I'm sure that you have seen at least one episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC! And let's face it, you secretly love watching the struggles that unfold when the Bride and someone in her entourage just can't see eye-to-eye. But for us as Gown Stylists we don't like to see our Brides struggle or be put in that position. We love to see our Brides in that magical moment where their vision comes together, so naturally Randy to the Rescue is right up our ally. What we love about this show the most is that it helps our Brides see why we love what we do!


   That's our goal with the MAD ABOUT MAGGIE SOTTERO event! We want to help you see your entire Bridal Look come together right before your eyes. You will start the appointment by meeting our Glam Squad. They will get you looking like a Bride while your entourage gets a bridesmaid consultation with your Gown Stylist. While you get pampered they will try on different styles for you and hopefully help you figure out the perfect look for you Bridal Party. Sounds like the easiest Bridesmaid shopping experience ever, right?! Once your look is on point you will go straight into you Bridal Appointment with your Gown Stylist. She will help you figure out what dress will be the one! The entire time you are here you will have sweet treats available to you.




   Sara Pacheco is the talented owner of Pacheco Beauty. We have gotten to work with her on some styled shoots recently and she is amazing at what she does. No matter what look you are going for (natural, glam, retro, etc.) she has got you covered! She and her assistant are going to help you put the entire vision together with your own hair/makeup trial for $25. That's right, you get a hair/makeup trial for $125 OFF and she is offering some additional perks to Brides who book her for their weddings. Because of this unique bridal experience we want to make sure that your appointment is booked well in advanced. Honestly, Brides are always surprised what a huge difference having their hair and makeup done makes when they find the perfect dress. And having a professional do it makes all the difference in the world!



 We cannot even begin to tell you how much we love Sierra from Sweet Art Bake Shop! She is so much fun to work with and she is such a creative/artistic person. She is currently working with one of our amazing Brides on custom cupcake creations for her Disney-themed wedding this coming December. She will be here to meet with our Brides and provide some samples of her delicious sweets. I would fully take advantage of your appointment to sample and speak with her about your vision for your wedding cake. Walk out of your appointment with a wedding gown, hair and makeup trial complete and your wedding cake vendor selected!




 Here are just a couple of Sierra's amazing cakes from the photo shoots we have had the pleasure of working on together.





 Why do we love MAGGIE SOTTERO?!

1. They have one of the best builds in the entire bridal industry. Many of our seamstresses have confirmed that similar designers claim to have comparable construction, but only Maggie Sottero can claim that title in its price point. Maggie for the win! 

2. They listen! Brides ask for it and Maggie Sottero delivers on what their Brides are asking for. How many other design teams go speak to their Gown Stylists in person to ask what they can improve on or what the line is missing? Not many. But I can tell you from experience that our team at Maggie Sottero takes our input very seriously and they are always following up about what our Brides are asking for.


3. They do not charge for plus sizes! Maggie Sottero was the first out of all of our designers to do this and it has make such a difference. We are able to carry several more plus-size dresses than ever before.

4. They really care about their Brides from beginning to beyond. You can literally go onto their website and they have an entire section where they feature real Maggie Brides. How amazing would it be to see an image of yourself on their website or blog?!




Maggie Sottero Wins Again

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

Why are we FOREVER talking about Maggie Sottero?!  I sometimes worry that you guys get sick of hearing about Maggie!  But I really can't help it.  So basically I'm apologizing but I'm not going to stop.  #sorrynotsorry

First and foremost the fit is unrivaled.  I don't know what they do or how they do it, but the same dress can fit 10 different women.  It's like that pants movie.  Ok, that's a lie. I do know how they do it.  It's the boning in the bodice along with the lining.  If it's a fully structured bodice there are 22 stays in there shaping and flattering the most feminine part of you!  Even in the more relaxed sheath dresses they STILL have shaping because without it you're wearing a bag.  No one wants a bag.

The quality - beautiful details, fabrics, beading, lace, and FABRIC.  If you have terrible fabric you've got nothing.  Which is why I think they have some of the best value in the industry; for what you pay you get a LOT of dress.

Maggie Sottero designers walk that infinitely fine line between just right and too much.  We see designers "over-design" gowns frequently which results in this: "Oh wow...that would be so pretty if it didn't have that weird flower thing on the hip."  And while, usually, the weird flower thing could be easily removed first impressions are EVERYTHING to a bride who is gown shopping.

Did I mention (47,531 times) that we had a Maggie trunk show?!  Well, if you managed to hide from me and not be bombarded by that information WE JUST HAD A MAGGIE SOTTERO TRUNK SHOW!!  Which means we got to have dresses that we did not purchase as in-store samples.  It's basically like ordering the appetizer sampler.  (Except there are no cheese sticks.  Which are clearly the sole reason I order the sampler.)



Well, hello sexy back.  Renne is modeling Jade for you because look at her back.  <3

Fitted bodice, backless, tons of details, shimmering embroidery, sparkling bead working, and intricate straps combine to bring you everything that you've been drooling over!


This is what you get when you take a regular natural waisted A-line gown and add a touch of whimsey with a dash of couture.  Layers of ultra soft French Net (like tulle but not evil) fall softly away from the body highlighting your waist line.  Layers of the same soft material wrap the body for a slimming affect, and strategically placed delicate applique seal the deal with a kiss of romance.  Love love love!!


THIS DRESS THOUGH.  I personally have not ever really loved a ball gown.  This is the first time that I saw one and thought, "Wow, that's something even I want to try on."

It's every single thing you've asked us for.  Sheer back and neckline, understated ball gown, embroidered details combined with a smidge of twinkle, and BUTTONS!  Look at those delicate pearl buttons all the way down the back!

The Camarillo Bridal Dictionary Definition of Twinkle: a little bit of shine that isn't quite bling.  Just the right amount of sparkle so you feel like a bride.

Congratulations to all our babes who Found Their Gown at the Maggie Sottero Trunk Show!  We're so excited to have you on your bridal journey!  

ALSO, giving away secrets here, we're having a MEG Jewelry Trunk Show NEXT MONTH!  Saturday, April 11th!! So if you just bought a gown and are looking for accessories make sure you book your appointment to get your details!  See more of MEG Jewelry here!