Kitty Chen Trunk Show!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
by Tabitha Bigbee

I have fulfilled my childhood dream...

I found a pink wedding dress. 

PINK!! remember going through the Sears catalog together and all I wanted were the PINK dresses!! I think I wrote about it once a long time ago...I think I also talked about Star Wars in that post.  Which is not unlikely because of my Star Wars obsession.

And it's by Kitty Chen Couture and her name is "Charlotte". CHARLOTTE.  Which is my alias.  Is it meant to be?!?!  I guess we'll just have to wait if I ever get engaged to find out!

So this is "Charlotte"!  I am LOVING her.  I turned red I loved her so much.  AND I HAVE CURVES?!?! Thank you, Kitty!

I cannot wait to see all our ladies this coming weekend FREAK OUT over all the beautiful Kitty Chen gowns!

Mr. and Mrs. Camarillo Bridal

All of the dresses are already here just WAITING to meet their loves.  Anyone coming for this event will NOT be disappointed!  I had the opportunity to talk to Kitty on the phone this week and she was super sweet.  You'll all love her to pieces.  Or love her the appropriate amounts. Whatevs.

THIS JACKET.  WE LOVE IT.  It's pink.  It's feathered.  It is BEAUTIFUL on it's dress and it is FABULOUS with jeans!  That's what I'm talking about. BAM.  With some Benjamin Adams "Gaga" heels?!?  Yes, please.  Thank you, Kitty Chen :)

Straps are back.  Like this V-neck tank that Kitty artfully crafted in organza and satin...but wait, there's more...

Ta-Da!  Ruffled.  "I want to be drowning in ruffles!"  If you can tell me where that quote comes from then you win.  I don't know what you win yet...other than my respect.

Who wants lace? Like, 90% of the women who come in here and Kitty DELIVERS, yo.  DE-LIV-ERS with this beauty.  You might recognize it from a post showing it off on Claire a few weeks ago.  

Part of the line up here for you...they all have names and I don't know all of them yet. I haven't been properly introduced to them all yet.  Obviously we have "Charlotte" (who I might actually be wearing while taking this photo), there's "Daisy", "Ruby", and allll the girls.

We're going to have some extra special gifty things for you ladies this weekend, INCLUDING a special visit from our friend Bethany who does commemorative artwork of you and your gown!  She is going to give you coupons!  She's going to have a table here to show every her pretty work.  It's a really cool way to preserve the magic and memory of your gown in a painting!  Check out her website!

We also work with Party Pleasers and they do a pretty little table for us in the front of the store.  Well we were so inspired by the color of "Charlotte" that when Renee sent me over to pick out our colors she said, "Peachy pink and frothy!" And THIS is what we got:

See how I snuck "Charlotte" in there?

I also snuck Claire in there :) But see!  It matches PERFECTLY!!  This could be your wedding.  Cheese and crackers, this could be MY wedding!

In conclusion I would just like to say welcome to Kitty Chen and welcome to our lovely brides!  We are thrilled to have you!  This is my first time meeting a designer, too. (I think I made that awkwardness painfully obvious with my first OMGKITTYCHENISCOMINGHERE moment.)  See you think weekend!

OH P.S. I still have a few slots available!!  If you are dying over her dresses and have an engagement ring on your finger, CALL ME!  805.389.1515

New Website & New Blog

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
by Tabitha Bigbee

IT'S ALMOST 2012!!!  I hope you all had a LOVELY Christmas and that you're planning for your New Year's Eve to be amazing!

SO the countdown has begun and we are getting ready for the Kitty Chen Couture trunk show January 20-21!!  We are honored to have Kitty herself in our store to help style'll fall in love with her just as much as you fall for her gowns :)

In preparation I thought I would like to showcase some of her gowns for you!  Allow me to begin with... stay tuned. :)