Meet Desiree

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
by Ashley Kiser
Category: Preview Post

   I would normally say “Meet Desiree” but it turns out that many of you already know her. I’m not kidding! Every day she is at the store she bumps into someone that she knows. This can only be attributed to her pure awesomeness. She is such a fun spirit and is always making the people around her smile. We absolutely love her and so do her Brides. Desiree may be our newest stylist but she has been part of our lives since before our store even opened back in February.



She is an assistant photographer for Steven Leyva Photography, one of the best local photographers!


She is a makeup artist for Blushing Beauty!


And she has modeled in two of our fashion shows.


Did I mention that she does calligraphy? @howdeshedoit  


This one extremely talented woman! When we were looking for a stylist we kept saying, “We need someone JUST LIKE DESIREE!” AND WE ACTUALLY GOT DESIREE! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her and be able to share her with our Brides. She is truly the type of person who can help you put together your entire bridal look and help you see your vision come together.


*Remember, you can always call and ask for specific stylists when booking your appointment!