Coco Anais Trunk Show

Saturday, May 25, 2013
by Tabitha Bigbee
Category: Preview Post

We're hosting a trunk show!

EXCEPT GUESS WHAT...this is a designer that we don't even carry.  YEAH.  We get to feature the entire collection of these high fashion gowns for 4 days here at Camarillo Bridal for YOU amazing girls!

JUNE 26TH - 29TH (Wednesday - Saturday)


Coco Anais: romantic, delicate, couture, luxurious.  That has been my impression so far.  I sleuthed around their website for quite a while learning about their inspiration.  I hadn't even heard of this designer before and I don't have a ton of information about them, but I did pick out some of my favorite images to share with you from their collection.  You can find the complete gallery here.

UM I LOVE THIS.  So sleek and sophisticated!!  And now...look at the back!  

BUTTONS.  Just...buttons.  And that silhouette.  Yes please.

This beauty is so unusual...I'm so interested to see it in person because it's unlike anything I've ever seen in our store before.  Let's not forget the back...

Yeah.  This is real life.

Don't wait to book your appointment or you'll miss out on these gowns!!  You'll also miss out on taking 10% off you special order during that event only.  Call 805.389.1515 and Claire and I will get you all booked!  I can't wait to see how beautiful you're going to be in these gowns!!