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Do you rent tuxedos?

Turning your Man Into a Groom:
Everything You Need to Know About Tuxedo Rentals from Camarillo Bridal

Camarillo Bridal is an authorized retailer of Jim’s Formalwear (, a wholesaler who carries a multitude of tuxedo and suit fashions with various name brands to work with any budget.  The rental costs range between $89-$129 as-is before upgrades.  The cost includes the jacket, pants, shirt, tie, best, cufflinks, and button covers.  This rental cost does not include shoes.  Why?  We’ve found that many parties are choosing to wear their own comfortable dress shoes or get matching Converse/Vans, so we decided to make a shoe rental a separate fee.  Upgrades can be made to the shirt, pants, pocket square addition, jewelry, etc for a nominal fee.

There is a $25 refundable deposit at the time of placing the order.  The deposit is credited back when the tux/suit is returned no later than 6:00pm the Monday after the event.  If it is brought back later than that timeframe, the refundable deposit is held to compensate for the late fee we incur from the wholesaler.  The second charge is a $5 damage waiver.  This fee is NOT refundable, but does cover anything accidental that happens to the tux/suit i.e. rips, tears, lost cufflinks, red wine spilled all over etc. 

The first step is to make an appointment with your fiancé to look at the various styles and colors available.  Your groom is able to have a “try on” where we order the ensemble in its entirety well before the wedding to make sure he likes the look of it.  There is a $25 fee associated with this service, which will be put towards his actual rental.

Members of the party can come in to Camarillo Bridal to get measured at any point.  It is recommended to have everyone’s orders and measurements in no later than one month before the wedding.  If you have gentlemen coming from out of town, they can easily go to a local dry cleaners or another tuxedo shop to get measurements to call in.  Payment can be made via credit card.  We will provide you a list of measurements we need to place the order.  Payment must be made in full at the time of ordering.

Camarillo Bridal is proud of the fact that we can assist every single member of your bridal party – and we would love to outfit the love of your life as well!  Please give us a call at 805-389-1515 to make an appointment with our Tux Stylist so you can cross one more huge “to-do” off your list.  We look forward to seeing you and meeting your groom!

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