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Fifty Shades of Ivory


Thursday, April 23, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee
Camarillo Bridal Liquidation Sale


With all this commotion going on we've had the most INCREDIBLE response from "all y'all"!!  We actually are feeling very loved because many of you have expressed concern.  And right off the bat I want to say thank you for all your calls!  Our phones are actually breaking with the incredible amount of calls - so PLEASE just stop in, or have extreme patience if you must communicate by phone!

We want to give the love right back and be really communicative and clear with you!  Here are the top 5 questions you've been asking:

1) Is Camarillo Bridal closing?!
    Yes.  Retirement is a treat that our Queen Mother has earned! 

    If you have a current Camarillo Bridal Bride (or any type of customer!) you are still in excellent hands!!  Your contract will be fulfilled and honored and your gown will be stunning!  You will ABSOLUTELY receive your gown and you will be gorgeous!  Please feel free to stop by to ask questions!

3) Do I Need an Appointment for the Sale?
   NO.  Please, please, please, just come on in!  Enjoy!!  Come see!!  You're going to LOVE what you find and love the prices even more!!

4) When Should I Come?!
    ASAP.  The best things fly off the racks first and it's first come first serve!!!  MAKE SURE you stop in to see this sale before it's all taken!

5) What's On Sale?!
    EVERYTHING.  Wedding Gowns, Reception Gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses, Wraps and Shawls, Mother's Gowns, Flower Girl Dresses, Special Occasion Gowns, Veils, Jewelry, Head Pieces, Belts/sashes, SHOES, petticoats, bras, heel savers, double sided tape, funny bridal party t-shirts, and SPANX.

So don't bother calling (plus our phones are like, MELTING from all the calls!) 
Just come in and enjoy the liquidation sale!! 

425 Arneill Road, Camarillo CA


Liquidation Clearance SALE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

Yes.  Everything in the entire store is on sale!!  There are dresses falling off the racks we have so many gowns, the veils are starting to take over that corner of the store, and we haven't seen or heard from Claire in several hours since we sent her to the back to find a pair of shoes.  IT'S ALL GOTTA GO!!!

What's on Sale?  

Wedding Gowns
Bridesmaids Dresses
Mother of the Bride Dresses
Reception Dresses
Jewelry: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Hair Pieces
Ceremony Accessories
Planning Books
Cute T-Shirts

When? Starting April 23  UNTIL IT'S ALL GONE!

I mean, I don't know how to tell you what a crazy opportunity this is.  If you have never been in Camarillo Bridal you don't understand HOW MANY DRESSES there are.  It's like a bridal gown jungle in there.  On average a bridal store has 50 - 150 wedding gowns actually IN the store.  Camarillo Bridal has 500 DRESSES.  Wrap your mind around that.  Which means that if you're getting married any time in the next 2 years and you need a dress THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to nail an incredible deal.

It's all ready to wear a.k.a. ready to rock the aisle.  For you, the bride, (unless you who are reading this are in fact NOT the bride?) for bridesmaids, for all those Moms out there, and for anyone looking for a pretty LBD or reception gown!

You're going to have to see if for yourself. Call the girls!  They'll tell you a good time to come on in!  Bring your ladies, bring your big girl panties, and practice your best wedding dress selfie face because you're about to find a gown.  And then be super stoked on the deal you're getting!!  805.389.1515


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