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The Top 5 Wedding Inspo Instagrams You Need To Follow

Tuesday, March 03, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

*scrollscrollscrollscrollscroll* *double tap* *scrollscrollscrollscrollscroll* *GASP* *emphatic double tap*

And that my friends is the sound of Instagram inspiring your wedding plans.  While we're all avid Pinterest addicts I want to pay attention to how Instragram can actually be a wonderful place for you to discover style and details that will melt your heart.

First, follow us for new dresses and bridal experience tips. 


Next follow these 5 Wedding Inspiration Instagram accounts that Camarillo Bridal LOVES to follow:

Inspired by This Blog

YOU WILL LOVE THIS ONE!!  So pretty!  And posts about everything pertaining to your wedding and it's surrounding events!!  I adore their regrams and inspirations.  Check it out!

2) Southern California Bride

The words "southern California" are IN THE NAME!  This is LITERALLY meant for you, ladies!  It's the socal aesthetic and vibe that we all just swoon over.  Plus find fantastic vendors through them.  Several of our favorite vendors are featured on Southern California Bride! (ahem, Party Pleasers was voted #1 rental!)

This gorgeous bouquet is by Unique Floral Design!  We know them!!! <3

3) Maggie Sottero

BECAUSE WE LOVE EVERYTHING MAGGIE.  Constantly relevant.  Forever beautiful.  Unrivaled fit, and such happy real brides!!  Plus if you see an image of a gown you can tag us (@camarillobridal) to ask me if we have it in the store!!  BTW:  Trunk Show!  20th and 21st!!  Get it, girl!

4) The Bridal Theory

You're going to fall in love with this account.  For real.  So soft and romantic!!  A lot of understated elegance and gorgeous color palettes. A must follow.

5)  Hayley Paige

WE CAN'T HELP IT.  She's too cute.

We love her gowns and you will, too.  She's accessible, young, funny, and real.  And you can find her "Blush" line here at Camarillo Bridal!!

So make sure you're following all these amazing accounts!!  You will love the daily dose of beautiful.

Maggie Sottero Trunk Show at Camarillo Bridal

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

EEEEE LADIES GUESS WHAT!!!  All those Maggie Sottero dresses you've been calling to see if we have in store?

THEY'RE ALL GONNA BE HERE!  The complete 2015 Maggie Sottero Collection will be at Camarillo Bridal on Friday and Saturday the 20th and 21st!  All you have to do is book your appointment and then BAM you find your dream dress!!  

When you book your $25 appointment you get access to all the Maggie gowns as well as a goody bag with planning resources and bridal baubles!  805.389.1515


This is the Pinterest dress!!  You can remove the ribbon if you'd like and ad sparkle or go simple.  And you don't have to wear the headpiece.  Such beautifully soft lace!  Look at those cap sleeves!


Beauty is in the name (and cheese is in this post).  What was that you were saying about a ball gown that is just right??  Maggie heard you.


Not to be confused with Little Rascals or Finding Nemo because this little lady is all class.  Are you seeing these sheer sleeves?  AND THAT TRAIN?!


Hold up.  This the glam you've been looking for.  I think your favorite wedding blogger called because she can't wait to feature your wedding with this gown.


I don't know if you're truly prepared for the wow factor of this gown.  That back. Those sparkles. The curves!


Ultra classy.  Ultra feminine.  Deliciously lacy. And don't forget about all that sheer back or those sleeves...

We can't wait to see you try these gowns!  Give us a call to book your appointment 805.389.1515!


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