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Fifty Shades of Ivory

New Dress: Casablanca Bride

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

We're really stoked on this wedding gown from Casablanca Bridal because it fulfills many criteria that our brides are asking for.  Full romantic skirt, lace, sheer lunging back, and loads of details. 

The silhouette:

Awwwwwwww!  So full and beautiful!!  (Beauti-full!  Get it!!)

I love a good skirt, don't you?  It's a soft and luscious high-quality satin with pleats at the waist.  The sample is a little big on Kristin so it's not accenting her waist the way it would in her size.  You'll have to bear with us :)

The ballgown is not dead - and we're very happy about that. Because a full skirted wedding gown can really be worn any where.  I picture this beauty at a winery or in an elegant rustic venue.

The neckline:

Chantilly anyone?  YES.  Eyelash detailing at the edge of the neck and sleeves shoulder give it such a soft quality.  And I LOVE the sweetheart bust line under the lace illusion!  The gathering at the waist that you see is ULTRA slimming.  *mental note*

And did you notice that there is a sparkling belt already built in?!  No need to spend more on accessories because it already comes with one!

The back:


Pearls, lace, baby sparkles, and soft, sheer, french net.  YUSSSS.


The accessories:

Things were getting a little too precious so we added something unexpected - a Swarovski encrusted ear cuff from MEG Wedding Jewelry!  It adds sparkle AND a surprise element!

Think you might actually NEED to come try this dress on?  I couldn't agree more.  Call a Gown Stylist at 805.389.1515 to book or ask questions!   We can't wait to see who falls in love with this beauty!!


The Camarillo Bridal Babes

One Bride to Another

Monday, December 08, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

A Letter from Tabitha - One Bride to Another:

I don't like to talk about my own bridal journey too much because I want your process at Camarillo Bridal to all about you.  However I've noticed an epidemic and I need to tell you all something very important.  *deep breath*

I work in the wedding gown industry.  I am getting married in May of 2015.  Guess when I ordered my wedding gown?

September 2013.

I'm not kidding.  But I KNEW it was the one.  (I'm NOT a decisive person.)  By the time my dress arrived 6 months later (yes, it takes that long!) it was still more than a year until our actual wedding day.  If you know it's the one please don't wait - BUY THE DRESS.

When your Gown Stylist is telling you not to wait she is not just feeding you some sales tactic.  It's a REAL THING!  So many brides end up in a heart wrenching bind because of ship dates.  I can't tell you how relieving it is to know that no matter what happens I have my dream dress waiting and ready.

I'm not interested in risking anything having to do with my wedding gown.  I've seen too many variables - too many things that were outside of a bride's control that made the process SO STRESSFUL.  Do yourself a favor - BUY THE DRESS.  

If you're standing there in a gown that you don't want to take off, and you feel like the best version of yourself don't waste your time - BUY THE DRESS.

If you're wondering if there's something else out there that can beat this dress; ask yourself what I asked MYSELF while I was looking in the mirror.  "What would I change?"  If the answer is nothing - BUY THE DRESS.

If you're comparing all other gowns to that ONE and they're all coming up short don't confuse yourself -BUY THE DRESS.

I quite love denim with wedding gowns.  

Other perks of having ordered early:

1) ACCESSORIZING.  I've never been rushed to make choices about my look because I've had quite literally a year to choose.  

2) Budgeting.  I've had the luxury of spreading out the financial burden as well.  I'm not trying to pay for my gown and alterations and deposits all at the same time. 

3) Plenty of time for alterations. Once it's cut it's cut, and I'm not taking chances with the fit of this gown!  There is no other garment in my life that needs to fit me perfectly.  And I'm not worried about having enough time because I'm starting the alterations now :)

The Ring

With that all said; I'm so happy for you!  I hope that everything with you wedding planning is fun and relatively stress-free.  And I really hope you get the gown!!  I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!  Please, if you have any questions AT ALL about this gown process don't hesitate to call the store.  There is always someone ready to talk to you and walk you through it.  805.389.1515.  We care about you and want you to be so happy on your wedding day - so start the process now!

All my love,



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