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Fifty Shades of Ivory

Brides Across America

Thursday, June 19, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

Every July we get experience exceptionally grateful brides.

You would be grateful and excited, too if you got a free wedding gown.

Yep.  FREE.  Every year we partner with Brides Across America to bring a little extra happy to the ladies who sacrifice for our country.  Whether she herself has served or she has sent off the man she loves we honor their dedication and bravery by helping to make their wedding dreams reality.

Brides Across America is a true non-profit dedicated to connecting military brides with bridal stores across the country willing to donate gowns.

HOW DOES THIS WORK?  Well, first every interested bride needs to register on the Brides Across America website to get ready.  Then you come to Camarillo Bridal on Wednesday, July 9th.  Technically we open at noon but it IS first come first serve so there can been a line as early as 8am in years past!  When the doors open the circus begins!  We are open for business as usual as well as for Brides Across America which means that we’ll have every Gown Stylist at the ready!

All a bride needs to bring with her is proof that she or her fiancé has been deployed (please check the Brides Across America guidelines).  We take just a few brides at a time and match them with a Gown Stylist who will then guide them through the racks and racks of gowns to choose from.  Once you’ve chosen some gowns we’ll help you to try them on and coach you through any alterations that you will have done to make it fit your shape.  Easy peasy.

So if you are a military bride make sure you check out the website and register! We want to see you here!!  Can’t wait to meet this year’s lovely ladies.

Wednesday, July 9th.  12pm - 8pm.  

To Know A Veil

Thursday, May 22, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

Your wedding day is the only day that you get to wear a veil - so make it count!!  There are so many styles, lengths, and details that make each veil different and special.  I mean, you could style probably about 5 different veils with one specific gown.

And for the entire month of June (2014) Camarillo Bridal is giving you 15% - 25% OFF your veil AND your headpiece!  Because sometimes they need to go together.  So whether it's off the rack or special order your get to save on your veil.

My favorite part about styling appointments is putting veils on a bride.  You're in a gorgeous white gown enjoying all your stunning accessories and put on a veil. 


So just to introduce you to some veils Claire took some pictures.  We're just wearing out regular clothes so you can really see the veil without gown fever setting in. (Note to self:  write a blog post about gown fever.)

Ashley's Favorite Veil:

This is the veil she chose for her wedding day!!!  It's a pretty little single layer fingertip veil that has just a teeny row of little glimmers all along the edge.  it's perfect for basically ANY GOWN.  Love.  And it can be ordered in several colors.

Chloe's Favorite Veil:

I totally get why this is her fave.  Check out this detail!  It's such a soft, romantic veil that she LOVES to style on brides.  A single layer fingertip with a sparkle edge and FLORAL DETAILS!!  Garden romance anyone?

Claire's Favorite Veil:

Ok, just so we're all clear this was just an impromptu style that Claire put together the minute I asked her what her favorite veil is.  And of course it was perfect and sickeningly stylish because she's Claire and she's accidentally fabulous all the time.  This is a wonderful style for anything Art Deco or mod/boho. (What, those things can't go together.  Except, yes they can.)

Kristin's Favorite Veil:

Kristin has been obsessed with birdcage veils since the dawn of time.  She wore one at her wedding and she ALWAYS suggests them to her brides :)  This is a particularly sassy look because your face is quite literally veiled which gives a smokey mystery to your look.  This birdcage can go with almost any look!

Tabitha's Favorite Veil:

IT'S SO PRETTY I LOVE IT.  This is a single layer waltz length pencil edge veil teeming with romance and scattered lace. It's beautiful on something lace, something satin, something organza, or something tulle.  The length is great because you're getting the romantic drama in the length without the "I-might-trip-on-it" worry of a full length cathedral veil.

Tarrin's Favorite Veil:

This is a GORGEOUS veil.  The lace on this cathedral length veil is ONLY at the very end and is a beautifully light Chantilly lace.  It's outrageously soft and romantic and is going to pair beautifully with pretty much any style.  This veil is quite narrow so you don't have the fullness that some ladies are totally opposed to.  You must try it on, especially if you are at all a boho babe!

That's all for now!  Thanks for reading and make sure your book your appointment to get a deal on your veil!! 



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