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Fifty Shades of Ivory

Five Simple Wedding Gowns

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

Welcome to a blog all about simple wedding dresses!  We've had some girls asking for something a little "less" this bridal season.  Bring it on.  So today I'm going to define "simple" with 5 very different gowns.  Shall we?  

Ultra Comfy Nightie Simple:

This is for the girl who wants to be comfy and slinky on her wedding day.  Not a stay or a zipper in sight, just softness for days.  With all that ultra comfort comes very little camoflage.  If you're worried about lumps and bumps you may want to keep the simplicity but add some structure.  

This gown is actually the under layer for one of the Maggie Sottero wedding dresses here in the store.  I used it to show you how simple simple can really be.  Claire of course looks beautiful because she's Claire.  (Best friend bias?)

Look what we did with this beautiful MEG Jewelry necklace!!

Check out this gorgeous low back!

Simple Luxe:

Alright now we're talkin'.  This gown is simple but offers some support and structure.  Interesting sweeps happen in the fabric to slim the lines.  The neckline is low so if you've got a lovely decollete (chest/cleave) live it up, lady!

This gorgeous gown is by Casablanca Bridal and is a new favorite!  A beautiful slim A line, sweetheart neckline, and luxurious satin with a charmeuse feel..  Almost a trumpet but not.  Check it out...

More MEG Jewelry on this one!

Simple and Clean but Glam:

Then there's the girl who wants something sleek and clean but doesn't want to sacrifice all the glam.  Here's a sampling of what we've got for you.

Fiore Couture has some of the most luscious fabrics I've felt and (I'm betraying other designers here but...) the MOST SPARKLY SPARKLES.

A TRUE trumpet with a sweet heart neckline and built in glorious sparkle belt.  DISCLAIMER:  this gown does not fit Claire right and that's why it's buckling on the hip.  I had to clamp it and it's not quite right.  Use your imagination for me?  Thanks!!  <3

I do love that sweetheart neck.

Simple But Still Lace:

Here's a great option for someone who is looking for lace that's a but different and not so...lacey.

This guipure lace gown from Casablance. Ultra wearable A line silhouette.  Sweetheart neckline.  And look at this lace!!!

Yeah.  Stunning.  I'm LOVING this gown.  L-O-V-I-N-G.

Lace details!!!!

AND this ludicrously beautiful headband from Bel Aire Bridal.  #swoon

Beachy Goddess Simple:

A TOTALLY different category of simply, but still it's own segment.  We see this style frequently for "older" brides (I can seriously get in trouble with that word.) and second weddings.

But I mean, it's such effortless beauty.  It's fluid and feminine.  I adore the unusual sleeve.  The gossamer chiffon has a beautiful drape because of the weight.  Most chiffon is too light to have that pretty draping effect.

Even though this look isn't for everyone I think we can all appreciate the simple elegance!

The bust!  So beautiful!!  And a built in belt is hugely cost effective.  (Again, this isn't Claire's size so please excise the wrinkles the clamps make.)

That wraps it up for this week!  We're loving what you're asking for ladies!!  Can't wait to get you in these gowns!!

You can see some of these in action at the upcoming Bridal Showcase at the Camarillo Ranch House on February 21st!!!  We'll be there in full force bringing all the bridal fashion including a fashion show...and a gown give-away!!  (WHAT!!)


WToo Bridesmaids Dresses at Camarillo Bridal

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

Camarillo Bridal now offers the WToo Collection of Bridesmaids Dresses!!!

For years and years and years and years and we’ve carried the same bridesmaids lines.  And for good reason; they’re awesome.


YES!!  We are exceedingly proud to tell you that we are now carrying the WToo Bridesmaids Dresses from the Watters Collection.

I'm excited for you to see them because there are a lot of styles you've been asking for in this collection.  Like the convertible bridesmaids dress!

Spring is around the corner and with pastels, lace, and ruffles to match! If the magic that happens during your wedding ceremony isn’t enough, this collection alone will get everyone on your guest list twitterpated!  Of course each gown is available in tons of colors (you'll see below....) Here's a few quick shots of the samples we have in store! 

Lace!  Cap sleeves!

Full lace. FLOOR LENGTH lace!

A side of edge with all this soft. Could even be a party dress! To say the dresses in this collection are versatile and can match any preference you can dream up is an understatement. We’ve got strapless looks for summer, lace bodices, softly pleated skirts, and one of my personal favorites the one-shoulder asymmetrical styling. 

BUT THIS is what you're gonna love. The spaghetti strap, the ruching, the flow. Yes. Beautiful.

All the girls...I kind of like them mixed all together. Idea?!

We recommend that you bring your MOH and your game face because you're about to do some serious kick-butt wedding planning, babe!

Something to keep in mind is that if you are a Camarillo Bridal Bride who purchased a gown on your first visit with us your bridesmaids get 10% off their gown purchase for your wedding!! Yep! We love your whole wedding party! It's all part of the Platinum Package here and there's way more to it, so if you want to know more read here.

Color palette preview!!

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Bridesmaids take 20 WEEKS.  We're not saying that to make you order.  I promise.  And you know I don't mislead you.

So count back 20 weeks from you wedding day!  If you're getting married in June 20th that means you need to have ALL THE DRESSES ORDERED by January 31st.

Wedding date is October 10th?  ALL DRESS ORDERED by May 16th.

You get it.

We're really excited about this development!  I hope you'll come see all the pretty dresses!  Give me a call and we'll get you all the information you need as well as a preliminary appointment.   805.389.1515

OH YEAH!  Also, we're starting to really book up the trunk show appointments to see the 2015 Kitty Chen Couture collection!  So if you or someone you know is thinking about you give us a call quick so we can get you in!  805.389.1515

January 23rd - 24th


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