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Fifty Shades of Ivory

Accidentally in Love

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
by Ashley Kiser


DISCLAIMER: I am having a major fan girl moment because I used to read this blog religiously!  I only hope that I can do it justice and that I can help our brides who are reading it for information, inspiration or just as a distraction from wedding planning. Not only am I the "new blogger" but I am also the new Owner of Camarillo Bridal Boutique. As a reader I loved getting to know the staff and I feel like this is the best time to introduce myself. So allow me to tell you the tale of how I became Accidentally in Love with the bridal industry.


1) I was a Camarillo Bridal Bride first!

Five years ago I was hunting for a specific dress that I fortunately never found. Instead I found the the most amazing Casablanca Bridal dress that made me feel STUNNING and a group of women who made me feel even better about my size 24 body. After my wedding I was itching to stay around the bridal world and began working at another local bridal store because I didn't think I was worthy of Camarillo Bridal. Within weeks they found out, told me I wasn't allowed to work for anyone else and hired me! I had no idea that I was about to be on the craziest journey of my life.

2) I am "accident prone" at life!

Most of my life-changing moments have been a complete accident and definitely not anything I could have dreamed up. My hubby and I were friends...nothing more than that. He was so not my type at all. It was simply a series of coincidences that helped me see him differently.The same goes for my career. If you ask anyone I went to high school with (or even elementary school) they would tell you I was the least likely to end up working in the fashion industry. I wasn't even on the radar for "most stylish"! I spent junior high and high school in basketball shorts and sports bras,...fancy, right?! But I accidentally fell in love with the bridal industry and I am happy to report that you won't see me at work in basketball shorts.  

3) I found out I was pregnant the same week I found that Camarillo Bridal could be mine.

Talk about another accidental timing issue! But when else would I get the chance to live the dream? Probably never. Before we knew it we were having a liquidation sale and my first trimester flew by! Naturally it was extremely stressful and my the baby came much earlier than expected, but I had a great team and the most understanding brides and grooms. And our little guy is happy and healthy!

4) I love DISNEY!

Some of my brides have even requested me because they share my love of the mouse. Some people have retail therapy or drink wine to relax....I go to Disneyland. We have been annual passholders for 6 years and do everything with disney at heart.  If I could walk around work with my Minnie Mouse ears I would do it.

5) I'm a dog lover with two cats!

No that isn't a typo, just another happy accident. One day we went to adopt a dog, instead we were smitten by a kitten. Tiana (named after Princess Tiana) is our baby girl and she is a tuxedo cat who thinks she is human. Gus (named after the fat mouse in CINDERELLA) got his name because he helped himself to entire chili dog within minutes of meeting me. His love for food has made him a lifetime member of the Betty Crocker clinic. 

The Construction Blog

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
by Ashley Kiser

   I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally be writing this blog post! We are in our last couple weeks of construction at our new location and we cannot wait to open our doors. I’m not going to lie, this has been a bumpy road with surprises around every turn but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been working hard to get the new location bridal ready and are stoked to finally give you a sneak peak of what we have been working on!


Confession: I bought and test 19 different colors in order to find the perfect shades to put in our store. I had this really funny image with all the samples on the wall but deleted it from my phone in a fit of rage because of my own indecisiveness. Now I wish I would have kept it because, in retrospect, the COLOR CONUNDRUM was seriously funny to go through. Like my husband said, “It’s just paint. You can always change it.”

These are the colors that we finally decided on after 19 samples, 56 chips and 1 social media poll. Thank you again to all of our followers who voted. I was trapped in a sea of neutrals and everything was just sort of blending together at that point.

So our new store has about half the amount of space that we had at our last location, and that means we have had to get creative! Where the heck were the dresses going to go? What do we do with this dead space in the center of the room? Where will the register go? Luckily we sought some advice from Robyn at I Do Bridal in Seattle and they were gracious enough to share with us how they got creative with their store layout. One additional that we are particularly proud of is this wall, which I have nicknamed J (short for JLo) because she is extremely versatile. She will be the bearer of our new logo and provide the backdrop for the awesomeness that Party Pleasers will be displaying in the entryway of our store. Behind her will be our “Hall of Dresses” where the stylists will go to pull dresses for their brides.

Flooring was much easier to decide on than the paint was….probably because the paint pretty much dictated the flooring. Easy peezy!!!


And now with the logo and decals on the windows it is definitely getting real! I was literally jumping for joy in the rain the day those went up. We can’t wait for everyone to be able to come into the store in person and finally see the finished product.











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