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When Should I Buy My Wedding Gown

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee


Hi Ladies! We are in a tricky time of year.  Veeeeery tricky.  Respond to this statement: 

"June is really far away." True or False?


Because in wedding world time has a totally different value.  June 1st, 2015 is 31 weeks, 5 days, and 7 hours from the moment I'm writing this.  Which translates to 7 months and 10 days away.   Which in wedding world is not a long time. Now I'm going to ask two more questions:

1) "When is your wedding?"

If your answer is on or before June of 2015 you are now in the 8ish month count down to your big day.  "Tabitha, why would you stress me out like this!!  That's just mean!!"

It's because I care.  I've heard one too many engaged ladies telling me that they have plenty of time to choose their wedding gown for the spring wedding and it makes me cringe. 

"The average special order wedding gown takes 6 months to
arrive and an additional 2 months to complete alterations."


So if you're getting married on June 20th you have 9 months till your wedding.  And if the whole gown procurement process takes 8 do the math.

2) "When should you buy your wedding dress?"

If you're the kind of bride who does not want to be limited by what is available off the rack then you need to give your wedding gown plenty of time to be made and shipped to the bridal store.

"Count backwards 8 months from your wedding day.
That is the date by which you should have your gown ordered."


This rule of thumb will help you to avoid extra rush fees from designers and seamstresses - not to mention save yourself stress.  Personally I advise my closest friends to have their gown 10 - 12 months before, but I realize that won't work for everyone's time line.  And every wedding is different which is why there are always options.  Read on!

I TOTALLY know that some people aren't even engaged yet 8 months before their wedding.  Which is WHY Camarillo Bridal sells dresses ready to wear.  Which means, ready to take home with you that day.

"There are gorgeous gowns ready to go home with you same day.
But it does limit your choices of customization, size, and color.

Don't panic!  This is all rule of thumb.  Let us help you through the whole process no matter what your wedding date.  Feeling like you need some advice?  Want to book an appointment?  Love one of the gowns you saw in this post?  (Maggie Sottero, Hayley Paige, and Kitty Chen Couture!) Call us.  Our girls love to talk to brides:  805.389.1515.

If you're ready, get your essential ladies together, set your budget, and book that appointment!  We want to meet you -  and your dream dress is just waiting for you to find her!

Love, Tabitha all the Camarillo Bridal Babes

Maggie Sottero 2015

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

If you didn't already know this past week was New York Bridal Fashion Week - which is also new York Bridal Market.  

Basically it's the culmination of all things white, sparkly, and fluffy.  There were hundreds of new styles unveiled by all your favorite designers, and billions of bridal accessories were ogled by all.  

Personal pinnacle of happiness?  Maggie Sottero MADE PUBLIC ON THEIR WEBSITE their 2015 gowns! EEP!!  So much happy!!  Allow me to introduce you to the few who made the sneak peek!


Just stop.  You're going to be stunning in this incredible gown.  I am IN LOVE with this gown - the back the sleeves the silhouette - I just can't even stop looking at it!!  It's beautiful!!  Seriously cannot wait to get this incredible wedding gown into the store!


One of the gowns from the Desiree Hartsock Collection!  These are the ones we cannot wait to see more of for all our gorgeous boho brides!


Would you look at that back.  It's the most incredible thing I've seen.  Maybe ever.


Upping the ante on the silhouette that has been everyone's favorite for years now.  Hello luscious



My new favorite because well, look at it...I'm swooning.


Awwwwwww look at this sweet girl!  And that sash is optional so you can add your own touch.  The lace is delightful and I'm ready to see it in person.


What!  The tried and tried and true beloved by all silhouette - with straps!?  I'm stunned.  And truly stoked.

I know that you are all salivating - but you'll have to wait to see these beauties in person for several months.  Don't worry, I'll let you know as soon as they get here!

Can't wait!!

PS:  We're still having that Maggie Sottero trunk show this weekend bringing the 2014 gowns to our store!  If you're at all interested make an appointment today!