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The Blog is Back!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015
by Ashley Kiser


  So what the heck is going on over at Camarillo Bridal?! I know that’s the question that many people have been asking since all of those neon signs appeared in our windows back in April. We have wanted to release this blog since mid-June but we didn’t feel like the time was right. There are many parties involved in this transition and we wanted to handle it as respectfully as possible. As much as we would love to get into all the crazy details with you, we are asking that our amazing Brides, customers and loyal followers respect our wishes to keep those details private at this time. Those who need to know the details already do. What we will tell you is that this transition was NOT something that was planned. It wasn’t even on the radar of things that could happen in the next few years! Obviously when something unplanned occurs you sometimes have to just roll with the punches. So right now we are looking to the future and that future looks BRIGHT!


YES WE ARE MOVING! We are under construction at 1913 DAILY DRIVE which is right down the street from our previous location. Don’t worry, we aren’t going too far. We are very excited to have you all come see the new store when it opens in October. We were originally planning on opening by the end of August but anyone who has taken on a construction or renovation project knows that there are always surprises.



YES WE HAVE A NEW NAME! When the building sold we did get a new owner and that meant a slight change to our name: CAMARILLO BRIDAL BOUTIQUE.  We will still go by Camarillo Bridal as well, but our legal name will be Camarillo Bridal Boutique. And have no fear because we have kept the business within the Camarillo Bridal family! Next month we will have a blog completely dedicated to getting to know the staff as well as the new owner, because there is a really interesting backstory there.


WE ARE KEEPING ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNERS! Maggie Sottero, David Tutera, Kitty Chen and Casablanca Bridal will all be coming with us to the new store (along with several of your favorite bridesmaid and accessory designers). We know that our Brides come from far and wide for these specific designers and we are so grateful to continue carrying them. Much of what you love about Camarillo Bridal is staying the same! We will continue to provide that customized, personal bridal experience that we have become known for and look forward to helping many more Brides find the dress of their dreams. Even several members of the staff are returning so you will see some familiar faces as well.
Thank you all so much for your support! I cannot stress how amazing our customers and Brides have been during this transition and how much their words of encouragement have meant to us. When you ladies call us to let us know that you will wait until we open in order to find the perfect dress we are honored. So stay tuned because there are exciting things still to come for Camarillo Bridal!

The Last Blog

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
by Tabitha Bigbee

This blog has been a weekly part of my life for 4 years, and this is the last one.  I’m going to write to you today 100% honest and open.  100% Tabitha.  100% Camarillo Bridal Babe. This blog is so bittersweet to write.  If you don’t mind I’d like to tell you the whole story of Camarillo Bridal from the time I started writing this blog through today.

The First Blog March 7, 2011
Welcome to the official Camarillo Bridal Blog!!
My name is Tabitha and I will be doing most of our posts with help from all our wonderful ladies!

The News: Camarillo Bridal is closing. (*do not freak out.  Jump to the asterisk to find out why…)

Our Queen Mother, Pam, is retiring.  She has (almost) 9 grandchildren to spend time with so you can imagine she would rather be with them at the playground than at the store with wedding dresses.  



Exactly 4 years ago we opened Camarillo Bridal in this location at 425 Arniell road after moving it from it’s 5 year home at 2121 Pickwick.  I loaded wedding dresses into my tiny Yaris…it was hilarious.

The Blog Where We Moved April 18th, 2011
Today is the last day that Camarillo Bridal and Gorgeous Gowns at 2121 Pickwick Dr. as we know it will be in existence.  Today is the last day that we will stand among the familiar racks, sit in the familiar places, see the familiar windows, and smell the familiar smells.  Tomorrow it all becomes the past.  A memory.

Exactly 4 years later we are closing this location where we cut a pink ribbon to proudly served the brides of Ventura County (and beyond!) in a gloriously chic atmosphere.

The Blog Where We All Wore Pink May 4th, 2011:  

The biggest news is the Ribbon Cutting last Thursday!  It was really an amazing event and I would like to thank every one who was involved.  And yes.  We all wore pink.

Camarillo Bridal is a place where thousands of dreams have come to life.  Where emotions run high, hugs are extra tight, and happy tears flow freely.  It’s a place filled with laughter and delighted gasps, a place overflowing with hopes and dreams.

It’s a place full of women allowing themselves to indulge their femininity and enjoy being a girl!  It is home to so many boob jokes that it’s almost embarrassing.  We have always been easy with our laughter and generous with our smiles.  And we’re even more than a little willing to poke fun at ourselves and the industry….

The Blog Where I Taught You How Model Wedding Gowns (Ridiculously) August 10th, 2011

And for fun we have "HOW TO BE A BRIDAL MODEL" with Tabitha:

Lesson #1:
Lean forward at an angle.  Allow your shoulders to fall forward.  Never look at the camera.

Lesson #2:
Lean back as far as you are able to...almost fall over. Shift all your weight forward.  Pretend someone far away called your name.

Lesson #3:
Find a couch.  Lean as uncomfortably as possible.  Place your hips at the edge of the cushion like you're going to slide off.  Gaze into your future.

Lesson #4:
Lay on the couch.  Feel every angsty thought you've even felt.  Carelessly drape your limbs across your face/body.  Realize how futile life is.

Sometimes because of all those feels rolling around in here things get a little intense.  How in the world can I tell a bride her gown arrived imperfectly from the facility and we need to fix it?!?  How can I expect a bride to be ok with the fact that her gown is running a week behind the projected arrival?  And the nightmare of a gown not fitting?  Don’t even think about it.  But that’s real life, girls, and the stress of planning a wedding and starting a new phase of life can take its toll…

The Blog With Bridezilla October 12th, 2011
I hadn't given my photographer the list of "Must Take" photos yet.  So I sat down and did some research about what other brides were getting as their "Must Have" portraits.  Well, obviously other girls are not as fabulous as I am because NO ONE was including the really amazing shots I have planned.  I'm SO unique!!  Here is my list:
- Me standing by a lake with my veil blowing behind me being encircled by a magical swarm of butterflies
- My fiance bowing to me as I get out of the carriage that will bring me to the ceremony location.  (We're going a little non-traditional and everyone is going to be able to watch me arrive...they don't want to miss out on how amazing I'm going to look.)
- A wild horse standing peacefully beside me as I look off into the sunset.
- And the one that will be my favorite: my mother looking on as I am being pampered by the 4 stylists coming to prepare me for the biggest day of my life.  She will be misty eyed (but not crying...she will have just had her make up done!) and her expression will be one of unconditional love, excitement for my future, and sadness that her little girl is all grown up.

Also, my photographer will have to photoshop my left breast to be the same size as my right.

There have been moments that changed the course of our lives forever: ENTER ASHLEY.  In February of 2012 our bride, Ashley, was hired as a Camarillo Bridal Babe.

The Blog When Ashley Started Working at Camarillo Bridal February 8th, 2012:
Once Upon A Time, Ashley came to our store to find her perfect wedding gown!  
After she and Ryan became husband and wife they stopped into the store to give us the SWEETEST thank you…

She happened to mention that she was working at a bridal store that shall not be named.  (It’s initials are DB!) YOU CAN IMAGINE OUR REACTION.   Fast forward 2 months. Long story short, she showed up, she went through the process, and she was hired on the spot.  It's like our very own Camarillo Bridal Babe Fairytale!!

The Blog Where Ashley Became Store Manager February 8, 2014:

SO WHO IS MANAGING THE STORE!?!?!?!?  Are we just careening out of control spiraling into a hole of white lace and chaos?!  Thankfully, no.  Because we have an Ashley and she is amazing!  Camarillo Bridal is honored to promote Ashley to the role of Senior Store Manager!

Which actually leads me to another VERY interesting point…

Ashley has bought Camarillo Bridal and will open the store IN A NEW LOCATION with new EVERYTHING!  YAYAYAY I’M SO HAPPY!!!!  So keep your eyes peeled for Ashey’s new version of Camarillo Bridal coming VERY soon!!

Camarillo Bridal as we currently know it may be closing but it is truly NOT THE END!!  We don’t have to grieve endlessly!!  IT’S NOT REALLY THE END!! WE’RE ALL SO EXCITED!!

*Which also means ZERO NEED TO FREAK OUT if you are currently a bride because Pam and Ashley are working closely and tirelessly to make SURE that you get your perfect gown exactly as you ordered in plenty of time for your wedding!!  No worries!!  They got you, love!!

HOWEVER.  This is still my last blog.

 I will no longer be working with Camarillo Bridal starting May 2015.  Because my life is changing!! I’M GETTING MARRIED IN JUST A FEW DAYS!!  And my freelance writing business is taking me another direction.  So you see, we all have happy changes happening!!  And YES you can see my dresses.  YES. PLURAL!

Remember this blog!?  Brandon (far right) is my soon-to-be husband who has been my faithful support during my ENTIRE career at Camarillo Bridal.

The Blog With The Guys’ Opinions February 6, 2013:
What Guys Think About Wedding Dresses...

I assembled a panel of professional men to hear their thoughts and opinions on some gowns.  Now I will share with you how that went....
Meet Joe, Ryan, and Brandon.  Joe is Nichole's husband and baby daddy.  Ryan is Ashley's husband.  Brandon is my (Tabitha's) super brave boyfriend.

This place has been a home, a support, a sorority of sorts.  The women who have touched my life here are part of me forever.  I think that’s how everyone feels which is what has made this such a magical place.  Pam has nurtured and supported me as I started my own business.  Ashley has balanced and taught me, facilitated my talents so we each could focus on our strengths.  And Claire.  If you have met Claire you understand why I have an eternal girl crush on her.  She is my shopping partner, my bangs commiserate, my partner in wine and late night, and a dear friend who shares my life.  I love you so much, Claire.  Thank you for who you are and how you love me.


Most Accident Prone: Claire
There are so many stories about Claire falling, breaking, bleeding, tripping, and bumping that I don't know which to tell you. How about when she dropped her glass water bottled and ripped her tights and split her knee open with the shards?  Or when she was going to Nichole's wedding and tripped on the gravel, fell, and ripped her tights?  She really just can't keep her tights in tact.

There have been so many amazing, emotional, hilarious, life-changing, beautiful moments with hundreds of women of equal proportions.  Every Camarillo Bridal Babe and Camarillo Bridal past and present is part of this story.  Each of us are characters in this larger than life industry!  Thank you to EVERY SINGLE woman who has worked at Camarillo Bridal.  Thank you to EVERY SINGLE vendor that we've worked with.  Thank you TO ALL YOU AMAZING and beautiful brides who literally made the store what it was.

  Remember that 1) you need to go shop that liquidation sale OMG FOR REAL and 2) Ashley is re-opening a brand new version of Camarillo Bridal very soon! Eyes and ears open!  The website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are staying in their current places so make sure you check in!!

I want to leave you with some of the images that have always been my favorite and that show you the heart of who the Camarillo Bridal Babes are.

When we ran in the Kiwanis 5K as brides...

Another SUPER FUN day of working at Camarillo Bridal.  Shot by Kavan Murphy!!  


When the Babes met Desiree Hartsock and Chris BEFORE their Wedding!!

The First time we met David Tutera...

The SECOND time we all met David Tutera!!

Chelsea's face...

Hanging out with Kitty Chen of Kitty Chen Couture...

We made her strike a silly pose with her husband, Rex a million years ago.  But I didn't have any other pictures of them together. Rex has been a Camarillo Bridal Babe, too, and I really wanted to include him!  LOL

Claire being gorgeous, like, ALL OF THE TIME...

The Camarillo Bridal Dream Team, Ashley and Claire who made the last fashion show at Camarillo Ranch House FABULOUS:

We love you, Camarillo.  Thank you.


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