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Camarillo Bridal Bride: Sara

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

Camarillo Bridal Bride:  Sara

Sara was the most voted for picture in our instagram contest and is now being featured here in the blog!  You're not here to read what I have to say so here's what Sara has to say about her experience of being a bride and purchasing her gown at Camarillo Bridal!


Before Sara came in...

"I was a bit nervous but I was also extremely excited because I'd been to Camarillo Bridal when my sister was looking for her dress.  She had a fabulous experience and found her dress during her very first appointment. However, this time was different...I was the bride!!!:


How Sara ended up at Camarillo Bridal...

"My sister had a fabulous experience at Camarillo Bridal in 2011 and I knew it would be my first stop. After all, I had been recommending the store to every bride I knew since my sister purchased her dress there. We had THAT much fun the first time and consultants are just THAT talented!!"

Sara talks about her experience and expectations during her appointment...

"Since I already had experience looking for dresses at Camarillo Bridal I knew a little bit of what to expect but still...this was different. The store was in a new, gorgeous location and this was wasn't for someone else!!!!

I had heard that a lot of bridal stores were doing a "say yes to the dress" sort of experience and were ringing a bell when a bride found her dress. I called the store before my appointment to inquire as to whether or not this was something that the store offered. "Why yes we do" answered the sweet and knowledgeable salesperson that I spoke to that day. "Well, not to be a party pooper but I don't want to do that" I said. Now, don't ask my why...but at the time, I had no interest in this new fangled rite of passage. I didn't want to draw that much attention to myself and frankly, I think I was a bit nervous about the whole expereince. Without missing a beat, the Camarillo Bridal Babe told me that she totally understood and would make a note in my file. Customer service at its finest!!! 

(Side note...I was so excited when I found my dress that I went back on my original request and totally got into the whole experience...bell ringing and all!!!)

One of the things that I love most is the undivided attention that you get during your appointments at Camarillo Bridal. Though you may be sharing the salon with a couple other brides and their entourages during your appointment you truly feel like you are the only one there!"



What Sara went shopping for...

"The dresses that I was most drawn to in magazines and on pinterest typically had a bit of sleeve, some lace and a very interesting back. When I put all of my favorites side by side I totally saw "my type" but didn't have my heart set on any one particular dress. I figured that once I tried it on...I would just know. My dress was a combination of all of my favorite aspects of the dresses that I'd torn out of magazines and spent hours pinning to my wedding boards."




How Sara knew it was THE ONE...

"My wedding dress was indeed the very first dress that I tried on. I brought in some printouts of my pinterest boards  to show my consultant what I was drawn to but told her up front that I would try on absolutely anything that she brought out for me...provided that it was in some shade of white/cream/beige. As soon as I saw her reaction to that statement and the excitement on her face I knew we were going to have fun! How did I know it was the one? I tried on about 10 or so other dresses and every dress I tried on was compared to the first one. When I tried the dress on for the second time my consultant brought out the most perfect veil to finish off the look.  That's the moment that I truly felt like a bride!!!  It was a unanimous vote!!! "


Sara's favorite part of her gown...

"The back...definitely the back! I love everything about it but I think that the back silhouette is the most unexpected part of the dress and that's what I love most about it!"


Those nervous months of waiting for it to arrive...

"I was so excited when I ordered it and I had not a shred of doubt that it was "the one." In the weeks that followed I made myself stop looking at dresses in magazines becuase it was too much to think about. A bride could spend hours analyzing...
-how would I look in this new dress that I just found?
-would it look better than the one I chose?
-should I just try on more dresses?

Some magazines tell stories of brides who try on hundreds of dresses, did I decide too soon?

I knew I had made the right choice and just had to STOP LOOKING!!!  Once I came to that realization I spent my time nervously hoping that it was going to fit...after all, you never really get to try on your size, you rely totally on the expertise of your consultant!"



 Sara's Bridal Advice...

"I would advise people to come in with a picture of dress or a few dresses that closest exemplify what they are looking for or what their style is. In order to get the most fun out of the expereince and step out of your comfort zone I would also recommend that they be open to suggestions. Once you've shown the consultant what your "vision" is, let your consultant have some creative license. The Camarillo Bridal consultants have soooo much experience, why not use their expertise? Trying on dresses that you wouldn't normally pick for yourself could introduce you to a style that is more flattering, more daring, or more exciting than you had ever envisioned for yourself. At the very get a personalized "dress up" session and get some good laughs with your girls. Noone would ever regret that!"


Camarillo Bridal Brides on Instagram

Saturday, April 05, 2014
by Tabitha Bigbee

Many of you know that we recently played a game on Instagram asking our previous brides to share pictures of themselves on their wedding day!  SO MANY of you played along which was WONDERFUL!  You are why we love our job, and getting see each of you so happy in your gowns makes us happy - you are what makes this so a heart warming job.

Once you ladies submitted photos the Camarillo Bridal Babes all voted on their's a quick overview of all the ladies in their gowns!












And now the winner who will be featured in the Camarillo Bridal Blog, Fifty Shades of Ivory, to share and document her gown experience...

CONGRATULATIONS SARA!!  Your picture got the MOST votes from the Camarillo Bridal Babes!  You are both just so HAPPY in this picture!!  It's amazing!!

We love their joy and we LOVE how she rocks her Maggie Sottero "Bernadette"!  As the winner Sara will be featured in a Camarillo Bridal blog all about her wedding dress experience, how she chose, what it was like, why she got her gown, and what she loves the most about it!  SO check back this week to get the low down because I think you'll be VERY surprised by part of her gown journey.


Thank you to EVERYONE for playing!  We love you so much!